Sunday, March 30, 2014

Do Not Give Up

We do mistakes. All of us do. Some of us do bigger mistakes than others. Some of us have traces behind us that swing from left to right without direction other than where toes point at that moment. Some of us have managed to walk more straight of a path. We have one thing to be glad of. We who are alive right now, there is still distance to cover. We have time to correct our direction.

I know people who have the curvier kind of path behind them. I know you do too.

I write this to all of us who have walked from left to right.

Sin is an action that is in contradiction to the standards God has set. Sin is a violation of eternal moral laws that have been given to us. With sin, there is always a punishment. There is no action without a consequence. Even if it might seem like it. The spiritual punishment or consequence is immediate, without delay. The physical punishment or consequence is often not as immediate. The social - "external" (things that happen around you) - punishment or consequence might never happen.

There are various kinds of sins. Not all sins are as severe as others. All are significant. All are counted and we are responsible of them. There are sins that are above all other sins. These sins are so severe because they involve an other person besides you. I speak of two things: the sin of giving life and the sin of taking a life.

The Sin of Taking A Life is rather easy to understand. Murder and killing are sins where there is no forgiveness by standard. The law of Moses states: "Thou shalt not kill". "It is not easy for him to obtain forgiveness" is how Alma puts it in the Book of Mormon (Alma 39:6).

Our Heavenly Father, the Father of us all - even Christ's - has a plan in mind for each and every one of us. He has appointed us to do certain things and He has given each a time to be born and a time to move on. As the same Alma as above once taught: "this life is the time for men to prepare to meet God; yea, behold the day of this life is the day for men to perform their labors" (Alma 34:32). This life is the time our Father gave us to do what he sent us here to do. No-one has the right to cut that time short, NO-ONE but God who gave it. Abortion is a sin of taking a life.

As a general exception to this commandment God has said through another prophet: Ye shall defend your families even unto bloodshed (Alma 43:47).

The Sin of Giving Life might cause one to ponder what I exactly mean with it.

In order to bring people to this world God set a way for it to happen. God has given us a part in His plan of creation. This part is providing physical bodies to His children, the pure and sinless spirits that He desires to send here at that time. Yes, human sexuality is an attribute, gift and a power given us by our Heavenly Father. A man and a woman joined together may achieve one the greatest joys available and posses a divine power to create life.

Misusing this power is severe and grievous sin and an insult towards God and His creation. It is mocking the divine gift He has given us to be used wisely and only within a promise and a covenant. Misusing the power and attributes to help God bring children on this Earth distorts and degrades the purposes they were given for.

The standard God has set for using these divine attributes is clear and has not changed even if many men and women who claim to represent God say otherwise. Sexual intimacy outside a lawful marriage relationship between a man and a woman is not allowed nor accepted in the slightest by God. This means that touching the private areas of an other person's body, homosexual relationships, pre-marital sexual intercourse and masturbation and any variation of these is not acceptable in the sight of God.

God's plan is that all of His children that are born to this world are born to a mother and a father who are married and are loyal to each other and love and cherish each other. His plan is that the sexual attributes and powers are used to bring the husband and wife together, to strengthen their unity, love and relationship.

These attributes are not to be used alone or shared with who ever.


Like I said. We do mistakes. We do commit sin. We fall and allow the carnal within us to take over. We do sometimes make the mistake of allowing the lusts, senses and instincts to take over.

When sin has been committed it has been committed. We cannot go back in time and change things. Regardless of that, our past does not define our future. We can change. The great thing about the Atonement of Jesus Christ is that when understood correctly and when a certain requirement called repentance has been fulfilled it makes things as if they never happened. They are wiped away. Yes they still happened but God or Christ do not remember them anymore.

Living under the effect of a sin is not a sin. Neither suffering the consequences nor trying to manage life after a mistake are sins. Sin is an action not a state or circumstance.

Our actions have consequences. Pre-marital sexual intimacy causes guilt, degradation of self-esteem, pregnancy and heart ache. It also has spiritual consequences. Those who fail to live the standard of sexuality God has set are not worthy of the blessings He desires to give us either here on Earth or in the life thereafter. Murder and killing, damage our social and family relationships. It causes sorrow for the victim's family and friends. Let's not forget all guilt it will bring in the end. One of our Father's children loses his or her time to do the labor he or she was sent to do. And because of that, we lose our possibility to return to our Heavenly Parents.

Those of us who live under a consequence of a sin, pay attention.

We did a mistake. Let it go. What is done belongs to the past. If the consequence follows us, a burden of taking a life or a child from giving life, embrace life as it is and make the best of it.

If you killed, it does not mean that you are a killer now. Change your life and use the time you have left to do good instead of evil. Good is with them who do good and God loves all of His children no matter what they have done.

If you gave birth to a child as a result of pre-marital intercourse, leave that night, morning, day or evening to the past.You are not what you were. Change your life. You have a child now. Every child is a gift of God. They have a right as children of God to receive a fair chance, the best you can give, to fulfill what they were sent here to do. Child is NOT a mistake. Life is NEVER a mistake.

A good friend of mine sent me a card while I was on my mission. It said something along these lines "The one who dwells in the past is anxious. The one who dwells in the future is restless. The one who dwells in the present has peace."

This Chinese proverb has a profound message. Leave yesterday to yesterday and let the future take care of itself. Live today and do what you can to change tomorrow for the better.


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