Monday, May 19, 2014

Insights from the Book of Mormon: Moroni 8:6-7

Regardless of Church being an institution established, upheld and led by a perfect God, it consists of imperfect men, women and children with different capabilities to recognize Truth. Sometimes misunderstandings and false conceptions creep in. Some stick for a longer time. Some are rooted out faster with teaching, explaining and studying the word of God.

Towards the early fifth century somewhere on the eastern side of the North-American continent Mormon, a life time military leader and a prophet, was leading the Nephite nation to a war they wanted and he knew they could not win. Once peaceful, righteous and blooming nation had fallen to most grievous sins and was indulging in war, bloodshed and immorality. All this regardless of what Mormon did to correct them.

He wrote a letter to his son, Moroni, who also was like him. A good, honest and righteous man of God who had served most of his life as a warrior and military leader in a war that he knew would end to the total destruction of this people. An argument had risen concerning infant baptism. People were practicing it against the will and commandments of God.

"I desire that ye should labor diligently, that this gross error should be removed from among you; for, for this intent I have written this epistle. For immediately after I had learned these things of you I inquired of the Lord concerning the matter. And the word of the Lord came to me by the power of the Holy Ghost, saying: ..." (Moroni 8:6-7)

When we learn of an error in understanding we should react immediately like Mormon did. He inquired of the Lord immediately. When he asked, he received the answer. This is an example to us of how we should do. Not wait a false conception to cause (more) harm but correct it before it causes (further) damage.