Sunday, October 12, 2014

Surrounded by Role Models

We know that we have a profound influence on other people around us. If not a lasting influence, then at least a momentary one. Even that momentary influence can result a dramatic change when repeated again and again.

Some time ago I wrote about identity and what pieces together make an identity. These various pieces of identity are our roles and purposes in this life. In each of them, we need a role model.

A role model can be an ideal, a logic, a fictional or a real character. A role model is something or someone that inspires you, teaches you, and shows you the moves. A role model gives you bits and pieces of what you want to be and become. Some give more, some give less but all give something.

I dare to say that all people have role models - conscious or subconscious. A human being is like a sponge. Without any effort we register things and save them to our memory to be used or to collect dust. Because of our individual and unique personalities, different bits of information make each of us react differently.

Because of our natural tendency to react to information it is extremely important to surround our lives with good, healthy and sound sources of information (= role models). We need something to lead us to the right way. Following the wrong role models is a waste of time and more importantly wasting great spiritual potential and capacity that could be used to something much better and more beautiful and meaningful.

When it comes to my everyday life, I have role models who guide me as a composer and audio professional. I have people and ideals that guide me in my social and family life. I surround myself with them. Not to be a stalker or this fanatic who is possessed by them but to learn of them, of their work, of how they do things. I hold fast to the good bits and pieces I find.

A week ago I had a marvelous opportunity to listen to some of the greatest spiritual leaders of our time. Their words are inspired by God - of that I am certain - for our spiritual and temporal aid in our time and day. Listen to their words. They will not lead you astray but rather they will lead you to the path of Truth and Reality. In addition to Jesus Christ and His Prophet Joseph Smith, these men and women are my spiritual role models.

Morals, ethics, attitudes and conviction require and deserve only the best of the best. Be careful when choosing them. When your heart burns of joy and your mind is enlightened, you know you have found the best. I have found it. You can find it too.

So my brothers and sisters, surround yourselves with great leaders and amazing examples. You need them. You deserve them.