Sunday, September 28, 2014

You Live Only Once

...And that is exactly why you should work your very tail to the bone and beyond to make the best out of this short journey we have been blessed with.

A life is all too short to waste it in allowing yourself to be miserable or unhappy. A life is all too short to waste it in things that do not have a future. It is all too short to swing from left to right in search for something external that would satisfy your thirst for peace.

The reality is that deep within, you have a force you were endowed with when you were born. This force is a basic guide for you in this life. It will warn you of danger, of things you should or should not do, of places where you should not go to or be in. Most importantly it will strike a spark every time it comes in contact with the Truth.

The Truth "shall be in [you] a well of water springing up into everlasting life*". While everlasting life is a blessing of the eternities, we can enjoy of it here and now. We are alive are we not? We can start feeling and living this everlasting life while we are here in mortality. You don't need to be immortal to live.

Embracing the Truth and the Reality as it is will make a life worth living. It will enrich your life beyond what you could expect. Instead just being from day to day, you feel actually alive.

Now, I must confess that I never had the privilege of living life without the Truth and finding it later in life. Instead I was blessed with a family that taught me and gave me a possibility to choose it for myself. Instead I have had the sad experience of how the guidance and the light of the Heavens withdraw because of my own mistakes and conduct.

I don't know how total of a withdrawal it was, all I know is that I have never felt so alone or afraid. I felt sick, like throwing up.

There was once a longer period when the loss was not sudden but gradual. Now looking back, I was not happy as I am now. I went about my days one by one and time fell through my fingers and I was unable to reach my fullest potential at that given time.

I wasted too much of my precious time.

I doubt that my experience is exactly what you would feel if you have never had the Truth in your life. What I do not doubt one bit is that you are missing something miraculous and amazing if you don't have it.

"Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."
John 8:31-32 (King James Version)
I promise to every single one of you. If you do embrace the Truth, it will make you free and allow you to reach your fullest potential. You will be able to live a life worth passing on for others to learn and to study.

Now, go and live.

*John 4:14

Sunday, September 21, 2014

You Don't Need to Know Everything

While I was serving as a missionary for the Church, I encountered a good man who made a statement that joining a religion is a package deal. You must know everything about it before you make a decision.

It is true that for example when I am considering to invest on composition and studio equipment I try to familiarize myself with as much information of the item as possible. This to know if it satisfies my needs and fits for my purposes. Keeping this in mind, consider the following:

Religion is not an item you pick from the shelf, pay, use and throw away.

Taking a religion as an active and significant part of your life is not a small decision to make or a small step to a direction. A religion can do one of two things. One, it makes your life miserable and takes it apart leaving you feeling lost and without answers. Two, it will make your life harder but all of it will be worth the challenges. It will uplift you and take you to a higher plane of vision and understanding. Which way it is depends of how you choose to live your faith.

Knowing how religion can affect your life might make one easily think like this husband and a father of two adorable kids I met on my mission.

Religion is a way of self-cultivation, commitment and above everything else faith.

One important part in christian religion is to learn to recognize the inspiration and revelation God gives us. Those small and sometimes very silent thoughts, feelings and impressions might actually be messages from a loving Father who wants to make your life a bit easier.

Another thought I wish to share on this matter is the fact that Truth is an inexhaustible source of knowledge. In addition to that the bits of it that really matter are directed at You Today. Self-cultivation is a never ending path.

This is enough to make a point that it is simply impossible for a mortal being like me or you to know everything about this "package deal".

It is requisite that you know enough to ask God of what you have learned. You must learn the basics. God will answer sincere prayers uttered with real intent of following the answer. Truth will prove itself and God will warn you of danger if you listen to Him.

Just remember one thing:

Religion is a path it is not an item and taking a step requires faith.

Godspeed, my friends!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

To Be or To Live, To Drift or To Pursue, To Linger or To Journey

How do you feel of where you are? What happens in your daily life? Let me guess...

You wake up in the morning, maybe you take a cup of coffee or tea to wake up. You go to school or to work and go through the necessary motions. You come home and fulfill your responsibilities there. Maybe you have an evening-job. Finally the evening comes and you prepare for the night. You sleep and the round starts again. During weekends you might go out with friends but that is the excitement besides regular annual celebrations and occational vations.

Does this sound familiar?

I am 24 in a week or so. I am not married yet. I am still in the process of getting a profession. I do what I burn for. I have goals and dreams and I actively pursue them. I am very happy with my life now but I am not content. I have much to do, much to build.

Of what I have been able to observe, this fire and attitude of pursuit disappear at some point when an individual settles down. Why is it so? I know I am not there and I cannot speak of experience. It still sounds strange. Since when letting go and becoming content with mediocrity became an acceptable lifestyle?

I see young adults, adults, seniors from different backgrounds with different talents and blessings. Among them I see too many caught in the life where nothing changes. There are no challenges. There is no improvement. There is no growth. They go about their lives "drifting" and repeating same things from year to year. They are content. They don't reach for anything higher than the ceiling of their house.

Satan, Lucifer, - what ever you want to call him - has lost his eternal possibilities to progress. This is because of the decisions he has made. The same way we can lose our possibilities to progress and reach the heights prepared for us because of the decisions we make or do not make.

Saying this I don't say that you will end up in Hell. No. I don't believe you are that bad of a person.

What I do say is that progress - be it temporal or eternal - is a blessing that is available to all of us. All we need to do is to pursue it. We need to make decisions that take us there. The only thing that can stop us from reaching our dreams and goals, those things we burn for, those things that make us feel alive is us ourselves.

Eternal life is the greatest of all the gifts and blessings our Father has in store for us. There is only one kind of eternal life. That is the life He lives. He can keep progressing. Not progressing is not really a life. You just are from day to day and eventually from eternity to eternity when you have reached what you can with the choices you have done.

Father has told us what we need to do to keep progressing. That is make a decision to pursue.

This pursuit makes you reach for things. It makes you search. It makes you stretch. It forces you to make a real effort for your life.

There is a godly way of living and the carnal way of living.

The godly way of living means finding out who You are and what You are programmed to do. Believe or not, doing what your Heavenly Father gave you talents to do will make you really happy. The godly way of living means doing things that give you joy while fulfilling your responsibilities. It is having goals. It is challenging your mind, heart, body and spirit.

Right now, after finding the love of my life, knowing who I am now and excited of who I will be, realizing the career path that makes me feel of worth and alive, right now I feel that I am living. I don't want to lose this feeling. I don't want to just be and drift about my life. I want to live and pursue.

I wish to encourage all of you to do the same. And while doing it... Don't forget to enjoy the ride. A great and extremely significant part of this is to enjoy the ride. Life is a journey. Not a price.

Godspeed my friends!