Sunday, September 21, 2014

You Don't Need to Know Everything

While I was serving as a missionary for the Church, I encountered a good man who made a statement that joining a religion is a package deal. You must know everything about it before you make a decision.

It is true that for example when I am considering to invest on composition and studio equipment I try to familiarize myself with as much information of the item as possible. This to know if it satisfies my needs and fits for my purposes. Keeping this in mind, consider the following:

Religion is not an item you pick from the shelf, pay, use and throw away.

Taking a religion as an active and significant part of your life is not a small decision to make or a small step to a direction. A religion can do one of two things. One, it makes your life miserable and takes it apart leaving you feeling lost and without answers. Two, it will make your life harder but all of it will be worth the challenges. It will uplift you and take you to a higher plane of vision and understanding. Which way it is depends of how you choose to live your faith.

Knowing how religion can affect your life might make one easily think like this husband and a father of two adorable kids I met on my mission.

Religion is a way of self-cultivation, commitment and above everything else faith.

One important part in christian religion is to learn to recognize the inspiration and revelation God gives us. Those small and sometimes very silent thoughts, feelings and impressions might actually be messages from a loving Father who wants to make your life a bit easier.

Another thought I wish to share on this matter is the fact that Truth is an inexhaustible source of knowledge. In addition to that the bits of it that really matter are directed at You Today. Self-cultivation is a never ending path.

This is enough to make a point that it is simply impossible for a mortal being like me or you to know everything about this "package deal".

It is requisite that you know enough to ask God of what you have learned. You must learn the basics. God will answer sincere prayers uttered with real intent of following the answer. Truth will prove itself and God will warn you of danger if you listen to Him.

Just remember one thing:

Religion is a path it is not an item and taking a step requires faith.

Godspeed, my friends!

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