Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Of Old Cows And Angels

The other Sunday at the worship service a family friend gave a talk. He shared a story – a funny one but it also includes an important lesson. The story was about a now grown up man he knows.

A few decades ago, when this man was but a boy, he got lost with his brother in the forest near their home. They were lost for a good while and sun began to set. It started to get late. Frustrated and anxious, not knowing where to go, the two brothers kneeled in prayer in the middle of the forest that they would find a way home.

The boys got up and decided to walk a distance to one direction. "The forest should end at some point", they thought. When that didn't happen they returned where they started and took the opposite direction. The forest didn't end there either.

Soon they heard a familiar sound, a cow's bell. That meant there was a field near by and that meant they would find their home. The boys followed the sound and it did lead them out. Upon night fall, old cows with their ringing bells wander back home. They know where to go.

So instead of sending an angel, a glowing light or something equally "out of this world" God sent an old cow to the rescue. God could've done anything to get the brothers out. He could've guided someone there. He could've made the trees form a path. The birds would've flown in an arrow formation with exclamation marks by His command. He has all the power to fulfill all His words. Instead He sends an old obedient cow to pass by close enough for them to hear it's bell ring.

What does this tell of how God works?

First this story tells me that God is an economic God. He uses His resources wisely. He does not take the faster-than-sound golden Lamborghini when a well used grand-ma's bicycle with just one gear does the job.

Then this story tells me that God always gives us the privilege of thinking ourselves and then choosing if we want to take a possibility. He rarely if ever gives us the easy way out. He will have us work for our blessings.

The opposing side would give the credit to good luck and call it a fortunate coincidence when these boys heard the cow bell. This is where some instead of doubt, decide to have faith that there is a God who is well aware of our circumstances and where-abouts. If these small miracles are of God or coincidence, it is impossible to prove to an other person. Those who are sincerely willing to seek and receive answers will get them for themselves.

Miracles are for the strengthening of those involved, not to be used a proof for a questioning mind. Like old cows with their bells, they come to the faithful who believe.

Godspeed, my Friends!

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