Sunday, November 16, 2014

It's Not You

A couple of months back I had a short chat with an acquaintance of mine, a very smart and up beat young adult. At one point my acquaintance expressed a worry. She felt that her faith was wavering. She felt that her testimony or the power of her conviction had been going up and down lately. Many of us may have similar experiences or feelings about our own faith and conviction.

First, it is normal to go through such phases or periods. Sometimes we are stronger sometimes we are weaker. That is just the way it is. That is why it is so important to keep nourishing your spiritual batteries through prayer and study and actively attending at a worship service. We are just humans and we need reminders.

In some cases (how often, I cannot say) the feeling of wavering faith is not a result of spiritual malnutrition. During the mundane times when we are out and about our daily tasks the adversary will send his angels of confusion. In the midst of work, school, chores, responsibilities and routines thoughts will come and go. Some are just passing by, some visit us a bit longer but a characteristic they all share is that they rise against what we believe or know to be true.

They come regardless of whether we do what we should do to nourish our spiritual needs or not. They come and there is nothing we can do to stop them from coming. We must be prepared.

Even if we are prepared to take on the enemy, it can be very hard to fight off these thoughts. There is a reason to it. We don't remember who we were and what we did or what potential we showed before we received a body from our mortal parents and were sent here on this globe of trials. We don't remember those things but the adversary does.

He was there with us. He knows who we are. He knows that we are driven by the same basic characteristics and natural attributes here as we were there. We did not change when we were born here. Using his knowledge of us he will fight against us.

When we feel our faith or conviction is wavering let us not worry. Instead, let us focus on the things we know to be true. Let us hold fast to those experiences we have had that testify of God, Christ and their infinite love for us. Because when we are strong the adversary will fight harder and he fights unfair. Be patient. His angels will let you be for a time when they see that you stand firm.

Think about this. It is not always you who is "weak". It can also be the adversary who is just fighting harder.

Be strong! Godspeed my friends.

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