Monday, December 23, 2013

Of The Spirit of Christmas

It is a wonderful thing this Spirit of Christmas.

For the longest time I could not feel in the slightest that we are about to celebrate the birth of the Savior and Redeemer of the world. I felt down, sad. I felt blue. I did not know why. Also, my Mom as a nurse has to work night shifts these days before Christmas. My little sister too. She works in a jewelry store. My dad has a fever and I have two deadlines for music requests in January. All this didn't help me feel the Spirit of Christmas.

Earlier today, I crouched in the stairs to the second floor of the house my parents live in. It was dark and only light was given by the Christmas lights in the stairs. There was some pictures on the walls of Finnish Christmas gnomes, snow, raindeers and so on. My Mom somehow had made time to make the house beautiful. There I asked: "Where are you Christmas?" No-one answered and a tear appeared to the corner of my eye. I swallowed the rest of them and went to my room to continue composing.

Before Mom left to work she asked me to put up the lights to the Christmas tree since Dad was sick. After a while of composing I figured I could do it since working didn't make me feel any better. I went downstairs to our livingroom where we had our Christmas tree and all the decorations for it.

For the longest time I remember my Father has always put up the lights and then we children have decorated the rest of it. A sweet tradition I think. I started putting them up. As I started my work on the tree I started to feel a bit better.

Once I was done I turned on the lights. A beautiful white light filled the otherwise not well lit room. The tree was beautiful.

I went to kitchen. When I came back I stopped at the livingroom door to look at the now shining tree. A warm feeling of love filled my heart. I felt light and healing pour in to my mind and heart. Words of a well known Christmas carol (Silent Night, Holy Night) came to my mind in my native toung. A translation back to English would be as follows...

Christmas night, a night of celebration
All work has ended
Only two parents are awake
While a sweet Child is sleeping

The tears had returned to my eyes and in my mind I could hear clearly the words:

"It is time for you to end your work and prepare for Christmas"

Christmas is here. This is the time I celebrate the birth of my God, my Savior and Redeemer, my Brother who came to this world to dwell like me mortals do in order to bring peace to those seek it.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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