Sunday, August 31, 2014

From A Stumbling Block to A Stepping Stone

If you have not yet noticed, here is a news flash for you: We all face trials and misfortune. No one escapes it. All of us are also born with strengths and weaknesses, with pros and cons, with perfect imperfections as John Legend sings.

When your Heavenly Parents created you, they made you perfect in every aspect they could. There was one part of you they would not touch. That part was your intelligence. They would do their very best to teach you, give you information, help you gain an eternal perspective and become firm and wise. This they could not force on you. Progress is dependable of one's decision to work.

Because the lessons we are being taught are of eternal value, they are not easily learned. Some lessons must be learned through heart ache and tears, some lessons require the world to crash into a thousand pieces. Of course not all lessons are this hard to learn. Most of them are rather casual and mundane in the end. Regardless of what kind of a lessons we are talking about, they require an active decision to turn into a learned lesson.

The trials and misfortune we face are a collection of results of our weaknesses conflicting with other's weaknesses, our own private struggling or the influence of our environment. Internal trials are the only ones we can directly influence. They may escalate into external trials. External trials are something that we cannot directly influence or control. Especially if we are talking of misfortune caused by nature.

For some, well... for most of us, some of these trials may be and are overwhelming. Luckily not one, save for our Savior Jesus Christ, has been called to pass through all of them. To educate us of eternity and it's principles our Father has made a personal study plan for every single one of us; all according to our individual needs.

An exceptionally important phase in this plan begins with your birth. Where you are born, wether you receive rich or poor beginning, wether there is a lot for you to go through or not, wether your challenges will be spiritual, mental, social, physical or emotional, it is all included. There are enough lessons to learn and mountains to climb for each of us.

When you face a trial, no matter the form, source, time or place, there are some important decisions we must make.

1. You must choose if you will acknowledge and recognize the situation.
2. You must choose if you will embrace the life we have at that given time and make the best of it.
3. You must choose if you will seek the lesson that will provide progress.

You have been given a divine attribute: agency or moral freedom to act as you please. What you decide at each turn will in the long run determine wether you end the race in victory with wisdom and joy of experience or hating life, the world and yourself.

You have a choise and you'll make it now. The blocks that make you fall and lose balance will be the steps that elevate you to a higher plane if you choose to let them be what they were meant to be, lessons of eternity.


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